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Our focus is on you the client, understanding your needs and interpreting your vision. No matter whether you require the services of an architect or a draftsman we can cater for your every need. Dont get caught up with names and titles instead focus on finding someone that you can talk to, someone that understands you and your vision! As regards price, we offer competive prices for exceptional service. Talk to us..

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Greystone® is a member of Dial a Contractor, a professional national network of professionals, working together to offer you a higher quality, more personal and better value for money service. We are progressive, dynamic and professional who with the support of Dial a Contractors systems and networks, offer an eclectic mix of visions, styles & influences that is just not possible with other achitects, draftsman and interior designers.


Once you have approved building plans they need to be submitted to the council for approval. This is typically refered to as stage 4 of the process.

Be warned that this can be a lengthy process depending on the municipality.  If time is an issue please enquire about our "walk through" options to expedite the process!


Commencement of work stage 4.1 follows on the approval of the final Design Development plans and revised cost estimates. In this drawings and documentation required for submission for the required approvals are prepared. In the case of specialist consultants being required to handle any of these applications, this would be co-ordinated by Greystone.

Documentation produced as part of stage 4.1 includes additional 3d perspectives if requested for aesthetic approval; and a detailed site plan, electrical, solar, gas and drainage layouts and building specifications describing materials to be used, as required by the local authority.

The Engineers documentation indicating his scope of work and responsibilities for the project are submitted as part of the building plan document set submitted to the local authority. Certain local authorities will also require an original beacon certificate signed by the Land Surveyor. If height restrictions are applicable a topographical survey plan will need to be submitted as part of the submission documents.


In this stage documents are prepared to procure offers for the execution of the works. These would include a set of tender drawings for information, a detailed specification document, documentation from the engineers and any other specialist consultants, as well information relating to the site, timing of the construction plans and the type of contract agreement being utilised for the appointment of the contractor. Selected contractors as refered by Greystone are then be invited to tender for the works, as well as separate ‘direct contractors’ whose services may be required, for example for landscaping or the building of a swimming pool.

Offers are then evaluated, and recommendations made on the awarding of the principle building contract, as well as any other appointments, as required with direct contractors or nominated sub-contractors. Contract documentation is then prepared and arrangements made for the signing of the building contract.


Architect - Responsible for making sure the building doesn´t fall down.

Hire an architect for all work that requires (1) innovative interpretation of space and (2) building permits and inspections. Often, city and county building codes require an architect´s approval. Check with your building department to verify. Some homeowner´s associations may require that additions and remodeling projects be signed off by a registered architect. The homeowner´s association architectural committee can provide specific guidelines for working within association covenants.

Designer - Captures your vision and renders your design.

An architectural designer is trained to take your concept and create a workable vision. They can coordinate materials and color to best effect, as well as define space usage. They can create elevations and floor plans that embody functional and aesthetic goals.

Draftsman - Provides working technical drawings.

A draftsman can create the kinds of technical drawings required by a custom cabinet maker, for example. For small or medium projects, where drawings are needed that provide technical detail, but don´t require a lot of design or engineering, a draftsman can provide contractors with a clear set of working instructions.

Why hire one instead of another?

If you have a small project that requires clear drawings for a contractor, a draftsman can render a plan that works well and communicates effectively for a relatively modest investment. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you might hire either a draftsman to draw up your ideas for your contractor or hire an architectural designer to help you define what you want. The information can be given to the contractor as working drawings. As long as the contractor is licensed and permits are not required, the draftsman could easily be a good choice.

If you are at a conceptual stage and want someone to create a rendering of your ideas, an architectural designer is an excellent resource. They can take your desire for a Norman fortress and create a drawing that incorporates your ideas into a cohesive design. A designer is equipped to make recommendations about materials, finishes, and color.

For any project that requires building permits and inspections, it´s usually wise to get the advice of a licensed architect. While many agencies require an architect´s approval, not all do and there are many gray areas that exist. By hiring an architect, you ensure that your project will be built to current codes and problems will be avoided. When you hire an architect, you hire a committed professional. While the cost is certainly higher than a designer or draftsman, you are guaranteed that the end product will be structurally sound. An architect is capable of doing the design work or taking the work of a designer, and then creating all the working drawings as well as overseeing the entire project in conjunction with your builder.


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Many clients struggle to visualize exactly what their new space will look like, so our Workspace team produce 3D models for the client that allow the client to “walk through” their offices at the beginning of the project. All furniture and finishes are presented to the client in sample boards allowing the client to touch and feel and experience their offices through the design phase. Get a quote today.
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